Why artifakt?

Cloud deployment and management SaaS platform for most popular web applications.
Artfakt is your gateway to the Cloud. No product training, only learning by doing.

What is Artifakt

Artifakt is a micro-services based SaaS platform offering integrated optimized architecture templates to deploy and manage web applications to Amazon Web Services (AWS). Artifakt is designed for world’s most popular CMS, PIM, ERP, E-commerce platforms, etc. It is a cutting-edge tool specifically designed to deliver scalability, adaptability and resiliency.

Artifakt’s mission is to give web agencies, hosting providers, brand companies and startups a comprehensive state-of-the-art software to deploy, run & manage their web applications in the public Clouds in just a few clicks, and scale them on demand.

Why choose Artifakt

Reduced time, costs and customs delays

(hosting providers, IT managed services companies, web agencies)

Want to significantly reduce Build and Run time to better meet clients need?

Consider how to reduce costs and time allocated for skill improvement?

Have no specialists or/and stronger skills, but still want to use a public Cloud?

Reduced time-to-market

(brand companies and start-ups)

Want to deploy and manage a corporate website, but have no IT or DevOpps in-house?

Want to create a scalable architecture quickly for your e-commerce website?

Look for a comprehensive, time and money-saving app deployment and management tool?

Project agility and flexibility

(companies going global)

Want to control and manage your environments (URL, IP, Security…)?

Need to deploy a web application in few minutes just to test it?

Need to duplicate your web application around the world?

What makes Artifakt unique

Traditional hosting

Choose a Managed IT Service Provider, choose IT architecture first, then ''ask, wait & get''. Your budget and evolutions are limited, your environments are local and stationary.

Days and weeks

Building a simple architecture can normally take days. To create a custom or complex one, requirements, planning and design phases take weeks or sometimes months depending on your Managed Service Provide or your in-house IT team.

Long and expensive

Setting up and maintaining web applications can be long, expensive and complex.

Cloud hosting + Artifakt

Choose your web app first, choose a Cloud provider & a DevOps, ''pay as you go''. Your budget is unlimited and follow your business evolution and growth, your environnements are easy to duplicate. Artifakt is your facilitator and an efficient tool to make the most of the Cloud.

Up and running just in few clicks

Artifakt uses exclusively micro-services based architectures (regularly updated and enriched) to let you run your favorite web apps (Artifakt' apps library constantly evolving) into the optimized app-centric environment.

Built for scale

Artifakt enables scalability, stability and resilience easily, on demand. Artifakt is built on modularity and security.