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For a custom cloud experience.


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5759$ / month
4999 / month
4895$ / month
4249 / month


  • All BUSINESS features
  • Dedicated infrastructure
  • Budget management
  • Advanced Security
  • Dedicated success team
  • High SLA (99,99%)

Dedicated Support

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For seamless management and growth.


Starting at

2815$ / month
2449 / month
2392$ / month
2081 / month
- 25 +


  • All PLUS features
  • Private platforms library
  • Granular roles
  • Dashboards
  • Guidance & Onboarding

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For simpler collaboration and automation.


Starting at

436$ / month
379 / month
370$ / month
322 / month
- 10 +


  • All STARTER features
  • Multi-project management
  • Basic roles
  • Jobs scheduling

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Free for students & startups


For boosted efficiency and team work.


Starting at

79$ / month
69 / month
67$ / month
58 / month
- 3 +


  • Basic features
  • Manage cloud providers
  • Deploy any platform
  • Run jobs on environments

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from 5759$ / month
from 4999 / month
from 4895$ / year
from 4249 / year


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from 2815$ / month
from 2449 / month
from 2392$ / year
from 2081 / year


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from 436$ / month
from 379 / month
from 370$ / year
from 322 / year


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from 79$ / month
from 69 / month
from 67$ / year
from 58 / year


  • Starts at

  • Up to

  • Additional environments

Custom Custom Negotiable
25 environments 99 environments 40€ / month
10 environments 24 environments 50€ / month
3 environments 9 environments 60€ / month

Support & Guidance

  • Support type

  • Guaranteed Response Time

  • Success team & Cloud expert

Dedicated support 1 hour Dedicated Cloud expert & Success team
Phone support 4 hour Launch Guidance & Technical Onboarding
Chat support 12 hour Launch Guidance
Email support 24 hour Add-on


  • Deploy & Run any platforms on any cloud

  • Manage cloud providers

  • Team permissions & roles

  • Multi-project management

  • Jobs Scheduling

  • Private platforms library

  • Dashboards

  • Budget Management

  • Advanced security (SSO/SAML)

Custom roles
Granular roles - -
Basic roles - - - -
- - - - - - -


  • Infrastructure type

  • Service Level Agreement

Dedicated instance
Shared 99,99%
Shared 99,95%
Shared 99,90%


  • Users

  • Activities retention

  • Concurrent jobs

  • Job credits (fuel)

Unlimited Unlimited Custom Custom credits
100 90 days 50 concurrent jobs 500 credits / env / month
25 30 days 15 concurrent jobs 200 credits / env / month
10 15 days 2 concurrent jobs 100 credits / env / month

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Enterprise Plan

"Artifakt is a luxury. I click - it deploys! I cannot imagine doing without such a tool. The respect of the good practices and AWS guidelines now passes through Artifakt without compromising security. Moreover, for us, the human connection is important, & Artifakt's team is very responsive and efficient with each of our queries.”

Enterprise Plan

"We used to work with traditional hosting providers using traditional hosting solutions. The transition to Artifakt was definitely a paradigm shift for our workflow. We largely improved our efficiency & increased organisational flexibility regarding our clients. Our production & development environments are now unified & standardized.”


All questions you have in mind about how to use Artifakt.

What do I need to use Artifakt?

All you need is a Cloud account that can be imported to Artifakt. You’ll then be able to select which application you’d like to deploy in whichever region best suits your needs. No matter your user profile, we’ll be able to help you adapt your account to your unique needs. Please note: if you don’t yet have a Cloud account, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for support and advice!

Can I test Artifakt for free?

A free version of Artifakt is widely available for those who want to use Artifakt at no cost, though some restrictions in functionality may apply. To further boost efficiency, you can also sign up for a limitless, 30 day free trial period on one of our Starter and Plus packages.

Is Artifakt truly safe?

Artifakt with built upon privacy by design principles. Moreover, it’s based on the best AWS technologies out there, which means you get optimal security to implement your actions and deploy your platform. Please note: for more information, see our Security & Privacy page.

Can I deploy a proprietary application?

We allow you to deploy any application across different Clouds. In the case of a proprietary application, you simply need to create the platform corresponding to your needs and use it. Please note: If you don’t have the experience in house to build the platform, don’t hesitate to get in touch for support and advice!

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We have a seasoned team of Ops, Devops and Cloud experts ready to help you get the most out of Artifakt and build custom solutions that cater to your needs.

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