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Nicolas is the co-founder and CEO of Algolia. He leads the challenge of changing the way people interact with data, building a hosted search platform with unique differentiators for all aspects of search. After 9 years at Arisem-Thales and 2 years at Exalead, he launched Algolia in 2012. He is a firm believer of “culture-first” companies and champions team empowerment to accomplish goals.

Nicolas DessaigneCEO Algolia

Julien is co-founder and CTO at Algolia, he leads the tech teams in order to help 5000+ clients in 100+ countries that deploy infrastructure in 57 data centers all around the world. After 8 years at Thales then Exalead, he has strong skills in new technologies with a special appetite for mobile development, backend & performance, data/text mining, information retrieval, distributed systems and algorithms working on high-volume data. He is an entrepreneur passionate about software development, product development and algorithmics.

Julien LemoineCTO Algolia

Frédéric is co-founder and CEO at Akeneo, he leads the C-level team in order to build an open future for product information management (PIM). After 7 years at Smile, as a pre-sales engineer then pre-sales manager & e-Commerce director, he built a strong experience in the open source solutions from the implementation to the integration of the systems. In love with theater and excellent speaker, he likes to share a dynamic and disruptive work atmosphere in order to federate as much as possible the cohesion of its teams.

Frédéric de GombertCEO Akeneo

Nicolas is co-founder and VP engineering at Akeneo, he leads the engineering team of 50+ teammates to deliver best of breed on-premise and SaaS products. Experimenting agile methodologies for 6+ years and focused on continuous improvement, he likes to set up new activities and optimizes organizations in a fast-growing context. Open source believer and passionate about software craftsmanship, he enjoys to learn and share every single day.

Nicolas DupontVP engineering Akeneo

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Our Service partners are highly capable of carrying out services and consulting work to successfully design, built, run and manage complex IT architectures with Artifakt single-platform software.


E-commerce and Managed Hosting provider with 30 years of experience in facilities management.

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A French web hosting company providing Linux systems management, high quality SSD PVS, dedicated servers, etc.

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Enhance the performance of your web application.

Our Technology partners ensure that you get the latest technologies to drive your business and boost the performance.


Analytics solution that helps you drive more revenue by improving page load time at each step of your E-commerce funnel.

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