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Nicolas is the co-founder and CEO of Algolia. He leads the challenge of changing the way people interact with data, building a hosted search platform with unique differentiators for all aspects of search. After 9 years at Arisem-Thales and 2 years at Exalead, he launched Algolia in 2012. He is a firm believer of “culture-first” companies and champions team empowerment to accomplish goals.

Nicolas DessaigneCEO Algolia

Julien is co-founder and CTO at Algolia, he leads the tech teams in order to help 5000+ clients in 100+ countries that deploy infrastructure in 57 data centers all around the world. After 8 years at Thales then Exalead, he has strong skills in new technologies with a special appetite for mobile development, backend & performance, data/text mining, information retrieval, distributed systems and algorithms working on high-volume data. He is an entrepreneur passionate about software development, product development and algorithmics.

Julien LemoineCTO Algolia

Frédéric is co-founder and CEO at Akeneo, he leads the C-level team in order to build an open future for product information management (PIM). After 7 years at Smile, as a pre-sales engineer then pre-sales manager & e-Commerce director, he built a strong experience in the open source solutions from the implementation to the integration of the systems. In love with theater and excellent speaker, he likes to share a dynamic and disruptive work atmosphere in order to federate as much as possible the cohesion of its teams.

Frédéric de GombertCEO Akeneo

Nicolas is co-founder and VP engineering at Akeneo, he leads the engineering team of 50+ teammates to deliver best of breed on-premise and SaaS products. Experimenting agile methodologies for 6+ years and focused on continuous improvement, he likes to set up new activities and optimizes organizations in a fast-growing context. Open source believer and passionate about software craftsmanship, he enjoys to learn and share every single day.

Nicolas DupontVP engineering Akeneo

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