Key features

Micro-services architecture

  • You can create scalable, adaptable,and modular architecture.
  • You will get a stack with only the best micro-services of each cloud.
  • You can upgrade your architecture to stay up to date with new cloud services.
Artifakt console Resources

Access management (SFTP/SSH)

  • You can granted and managed access of your servers to different users.
  • You can add SFTP and SSH users on the fly.
  • You can securely upload files using SFTP.
Artifakt console Access

Scalability and servers

  • You can manage multiple servers at the same time.
  • You can add a new server at any moment or remove it.
  • You can add a load server starting on usage CPU, RAM or time.
Artifakt console Server list

Deployment application

  • You can manage the deployment and the rollback.
  • You can switch git branches, configure your source code and deploy it on your server.
  • You can manage your web apps (switching to maintenance mode or empty cache).
Artifakt console Application


  • Add new URLs pointing to your environments or declare another one.
  • You can enable HTTPS in 2 clicks and select your SSL certificate.
  • You can get a free SSL certificate available in less than 5 seconds.
Artifakt console Manage URLs

Other features


Change files permission by application

Restriction Front and Server by IP

Manage SSH/SFTP access

Handle private and public subnet

Restrict access between ressources

(Inbound and outbound).

Setup Firewall


Change database configuration by application

Use instance store and server type

Optimize IOPS between Volume and Server

Choose right apache configuration by application and server type

Redis and CDN implementation.

Setup Email/SMS Alert


Vertical and horizontal scalability

Manage Domains and SSL certificate

High availability by auto scaling and connecting draining

Duplicate architecture and edit architecture

Use more than 10 AWS micro-services

Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure (on going)

Softlayer, Alibaba Cloud, OVH (soon).


Deploy and rollback you application

Visibility on logs and activity

Manage user and permissions

Run action on application
(flush cache)

Automated and manual backup

Run action on application
(flush cache)

And more...

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