Build your applications on cloud-based infrastructure that scales automatically, offers outstanding uptime, and grows to meet demand.

50 ready platforms

80% more control

Use your activities dashboard to get a birds eye view of your team’s actions and manage your projects with ease.

6 clouds

5x time reduction

Grow your business faster by spending less time on deploying and managing platforms; automation does it for you.

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Easy, automatic scaling for DevOps teams

Multi-Cloud and proud.

Choose the best Cloud platform for your needs. Artifakt is the only tool that allows you to build your applications using multiple Cloud solution providers.

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Access management made easy

Easily comply with your internal security protocols by creating different spaces for your projects and assigning access privileges for team members.

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Grows with you

As your business grows, easily add new team members to existing projects, update their roles and view the entire organisation at a glance.

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Move Faster

Boost your team’s productivity and complete projects faster.

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Save Money

Spend less on Cloud hosting while decreasing time-to-market.

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Take Control

Make better decisions by getting visibility over your entire IT ecosystem.

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