Orchestrate all your projects, create your catalog of platforms and get full visibility and control on all your application portfolio.

50 ready platforms

80% more control

Thanks to our activities dashboard, you will gain oversight on your team actions and better operate all your projects.

6 clouds

5x time reduction

Your team will spend less time on deploying and managing platforms. So you can grow your business faster.

How Scale works

Multi-Cloud will become a standard

Choose the best Clouds to run your applications. Artifakt is the only tool allowing multi-Cloud platforms deployment and management.

Grow step1

Supervise all your organizations

Manage your team members and create different spaces for your digital projects inside your main organization.

Grow step2

Grow with your team

While your business is growing, invite more people and give them specific access roles to manage your applications.

Grow step3
Name of Benefit


Boost your team productivity and complete your projects faster.

Name of Benefit


Reduce your time-to-market and Cloud hosting cost.

Name of Benefit


Keep full control and visibility on all your IT eco-system.

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