Manage your application’s lifecycle with a developer-friendly console. Jobs, monitoring, logs, and collaboration all at your fingertips.

50 ready platforms

10x fewer mistakes

Manual management is time-consuming. Instead, use included automated scripts to streamline your process.

6 clouds

60% more productive

With automation, easy integration between technology, and a unified dashboard, your teams can work at peak efficiency.

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Managing Your Applications with Artifakt

Predefined management scripts

Platforms include built-in scripts to manage your platforms without any extra effort or Ops skills required. Need to clear your cache? Choose the script and run it in one click.

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Powerful automation engine

Our powerful serverless engine securely runs all your scripts without any interruption to your service or extra management on your end.

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All your environments in one place

Tired of juggling multiple tools? With Artifakt, you manage all your Cloud accounts, platforms, and environments from a single interface.

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Fewer issues

Predefined and tested scripts reduce human error.

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Save time with hassle-free automated management.

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Centralized control

Effortlessly operate your environments from one place.

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