Manage your applications lifecycle with a developer friendly console. Jobs, monitoring, logs and collaboration all at your fingertips.

50 ready platforms

10x less mistakes

Management is not manual anymore. Automated scripts availabe in your platforms are here to do the job.

6 clouds

+60% productivity

Finally, your team has the perfect interface to manage efficiently all aspects of their applications.

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How Manage works

Predefined management scripts

Platforms include built-in scripts to manage your platforms without any effort or Ops skills. Need to clear cache? Just choose the action and run it seamlessly.

Manage step1

Powerful automation engine

All the scripts will be executed and orchestrated by Artifakt thanks to our powerful serverless engine, fast and secure, running all your scripts.

Manage step2

All your environments in one place

Enough to operate multi-tools? With Artifakt, you will get only one interface to manage all your Cloud accounts, all your platforms and all your environments.

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Name of Benefit

Less issues

Predefined and tested scripts reducing human errors.

Name of Benefit


Automation saving time to manage your environments.

Name of Benefit


Minimum efforts to operate all your environments.

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