Gain control and visibility on your team's actions, reduce cost and complete your projects faster without efforts.

5x less worries

2x more visibility

Thanks to our activities dashboard, gain visibility on your team actions and better manage all your projects.

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70% cost reduction

Enjoy ready-to-deploy platforms for your applications and optimized scripts to reduce your management cost.

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Improve productivity

You can create all your digital projects in your workspace seamlessly, then manage all your applications with you team.

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Operate better your environments

Finally, you have an interface that gather all details about your environments and automated actions to operate them quickly.

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Manage team easily

Improve security by getting full visibility and control on your team's actions and see what's going on your applications.

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Full overview of your IT and digital eco-system.

Name of Benefit


Better operational control with access roles.

Name of Benefit


Reduced IT and human costs with automation.

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Case Study: ScaleSquad

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"Thanks to Artifakt, ScaleSquad accelerated & increased reliability of its clients’ applications deployment. The Cloud solutions provider got rid of repetitive or low value-added actions. While their final client gained fluidity and rapidity while daily managing and editing applications".

Features of our product in their life

Without Artifakt

With Artifakt


Paul arrives at the office, he has to finalize an IT report for a board committee

9:00 am

Paul arrives at the office, he has to finalize an IT report for a board committee


He wonders how he will do to centralize all this information

9:03 am

He connects to Artifakt and accesses his dashboard


He convenes an emergency team meeting with the 15 people managing 70 business applications

9:05 am

At a glance, he accesses the metrics of the 70 business applications that his team manages (deployments, costs, incidents, employees...)


The team is skeptical on his request and plan to send him data the next morning

9:10 am

He downloads the metrics and inserts them into the IT report


The team is mobilized to find and format a maximum of data for 70 managed applications

9:15 am

His report is ready, he adjusts the remaining elements and can focus on his day


The board committee postponed, Paul got no metrics and the team lost a working day

6:30 pm

The team leaves in afterwork

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