Stop worring about complex infrastructure and waiting for Ops actions. Take back control on your environments and do it by yourself easily.

5x less worries

5x less wait time

No need to open a support ticket. Ops have already built-in actions you can run to manage your application code.

3 clicks

3 clicks, it's online

No need to be a Cloud expert. With Artifakt you can deploy and manage your environments in few clicks.

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Why developers love us

Best platforms for your code

Find the best platform for your application and deploy it with 3 clicks in the Cloud of your choice.

Developers love us 1

Configure perfectly your environment

Use the platform's parameters to customize and optimize your development or production environments.

Developers love us 2

Automate environments management

Use ready-to-use scripts to run daily actions on your environment without writing a single command line.

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Name of Benefit


Just 3 clicks to build a new environment.

Name of Benefit


Simple and complete interface, no Ops skills required.

Name of Benefit


Scripts work every time. Manage without fear.

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Case Study: Pandacraft

Pandacraft Case Study

"Thanks to Artifakt, Pandacraft Developers constructed, deployed and is managing daily its custom and flexible infrastructure with little delay. Pandacraft has also automatized daily tasks (architecture creation, deployment, server set up) and is now performing basic tasks in a “one click” mode (add an IP authorization on the server, add an SFTP user, manage the budget, manage SSL and URL certificates, manage contributors).”

Features of our product in their life

Without Artifakt

With Artifakt


Jim works on a critical production bug for a client. He also has to roll-back and duplicate an environment for another client.

6:00 pm

Jim works on a critical production bug for a client. He also has to roll-back and duplicate an environment for another client.


He sends an email to both clients to negociate and postpone the tasks

6:03 pm

He logs into his Artifakt account to access his clients' projects


He gets a strong no and puts a strain on the relationship with his two clients

6:05 pm

He roll-backs in just 2 clicks and duplicates the environment thanks to the built-in scripts


He is wondering how to manage these 3 urgent issues at the same time

6:10 pm

He informs his clients about the executed actions and get back to work


He steps out for a coffee and gets ready for a late night in the office

6:15 pm

He gets an email from his clients thanking him for the reactivity


A long night is awaiting Jim

6:30 pm

The team leaves in afterwork

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