Powerful Magento Cloud platform that scales with your business

Place your trust in Artifakt to provide a fast, reliable Magento platform that meets the needs of your e-commerce business. Utilising the latest Cloud technologies and providers like AWS, Microsoft Azure and Alibaba Cloud, Artifakt ensures the best user experience for your customers.


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Zadig & Voltaire
Agence Dn'D
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With Artifakt, Lancaster improved their shopping experience



Faster response time


More traffic


Increased online revenue

Magento and Cloud expertise from the ground up

Leveraging our expertise in Magento and Cloud tech, we offer unrivalled performance, scalability and security to our merchants.

Magento + Google Cloud

Features designed with Magento in mind

Our features enhance every point of your e-commerce business.

Free SSL certificates

Artifakt provides SSL certificates free of charge, because we know your customers data security is imperative.

SSD storage

Artifakt is supported by best in class SSD architecture, with low latency, and elastic storage capacity for your products assets.

Automatic backups

Artifakt enables automatic backups, giving your team peace of mind that we have got your data covered, whatever the circumstances.

Platform upgrades

Let Artifakt notify you when your platform is out of date, and you choose when suits you to complete the upgrade. All from within Artifakt.

Cache optmization

Combining Redis and Magento, we can leverage ultra low latency web applications and powerful performances, whatever the demand.

Asset management

Take control of who can, and more importantly, can't visit your website with our granular IP address controls like black and white listing addresses.

Get started with our powerful Magento Cloud platform

Ready to give Artifakt a try? We offer plans for every need.

What we recommend to get started with Magento on Artifakt.

  • Resilient infrastructure with failover
  • Cloud micro-services optimized for performance
  • Manual horizontal scaling with 8GB
  • Auto-scaling SSD disk with 250GB
  • All Magento requirements already installed
  • Premium support

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How it all works

Get access to state of the art technology used by global brands, without the associated cost.


Magento at the centre

Our architecture is customised specifically for Magento, meeting the requirements needed for all Magento dependencies, like MySQL, PHP and Nginx, optimising them for the best possible Magento performance.


High availability

Our infrastructure ensures your application is resilient and stays up and running by utilising the latest load balancing technology, redis cache management, multi availability-zones instances and fail over configuration.


Security in mind

Artifakt ensures your projects security and reliability by safeguarding it from unwarranted connections (TCP/UDP port management), leveraging IP address management tools and audit trail monitoring.

Numbers you can rely on


Developers using Artifakt


Projects created




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Backed by the best cloud providers

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services

A subsidiary of Amazon that provides on-demand Cloud computing services to individuals, organizations and governments, on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a Cloud computing service developed by Microsoft for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications through Microsoft data centers.

Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud provides Cloud computing platforms to online businesses and Alibaba's own e-commerce ecosystem.

Google Cloud

Google Cloud

Google Cloud is a suite of Cloud computing services that runs on the same infrastructure that Google uses for its own end-user products, like Google Search and YouTube.


Questions we get from our customers.

Can I migrate an existing Magento application over to Artifakt?

Absolutely. Moving your application to Artifakt is easy. We only need a few things from you. 1. GIT repository access 2. A backup of your data and media 3. Your current platform configuration (MySQL and PHP version, Crontab, 3rd party libraries) 4. Your email configuration (3rd party or in-house) 5. A list of commands used for deployment

Does Artifakt offer CI/CD features?

Artifakt allows developers to enable or disable Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI / CD) depending on their needs. Pushing code to the cloud is streamlined with Artifakt when CI/CD is enabled.

What SLA does Artifakt offer?

Artifakt platforms have a 99.99% availability thanks to using the same underlying infrastructure used by global brands like Netflix, Dropbox and Amazon.

Artifakt offers up to 1 hour response time depending on the severity of the ticket.

What can I do with Artifakt?

Once you are up and running with your Magento platform, Arifakt offers you the tools and resources necessary to manage and deploy environments from development to production via our dashboard.

Our suite of tools allows your team to collaborate and co-ordinate on your Magento project, directly within Artifakt.