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Thierry Chang

“We needed a hosting solution supporting an increasing traffic generated by our various sales initiatives: private sales, online sales, Black Friday… Using Artifakt resulted not only in significant cost savings but also brought us performance and serenity. Artifakt “took us to the Cloud”. 10 months later, 2 private sales, 2 sales, 1 Black Friday and 1 Christmas behind, Lancaster is still onboard and surfing safely”


“Artifakt in a nutshell? Flexibility, performance and innovation”.

Thierry Chang – Lancaster

Agence Dn'D
Geoffrey Conte

“We used to work with traditional hosting providers using traditional hosting solutions. The transition to Artifakt was definitely a paradigm shift for our workflow.


We considerably improved our efficiency and increased organisational flexibility regarding our clients. Our production and development environments are now unified and standardized”.

Geoffrey Conte – Agence Dn’D

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