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Managing web projects like a pro

Oct 16, 2019

Managing web projects like a pro: Common mistakes and how to avoid them.

We hear you. Managing web projects is no easy feat! You have to work quickly, can’t afford to make mistakes and there’s little time in the day for lengthy administrative tasks. 

You have multiple teams to keep track of, what feels like too many projects running at once and deadlines are looming on the horizon. You want to work fast but you also want to exceed expectations. It’s not simple. You need to give your team the resources that they need to stay organized, to quickly integrate feedback and to communicate effectively. Have you ever thought about using a Complete DevOps solution?

The digital team and why teamwork matters

The digital team is there to provide the best service possible to connected consumers. Think of them as your greatest ally in managing web projects. They take on all projects that touch the digital sphere. They’re there to increase awareness for the needs of the organization as a whole. Then, they go the extra mile to find the best solutions. 

The digital leaders are there to set a strong digital direction for the company. The digital team are trailblazers who, form their own vision, set their priorities and work to make that vision a reality. Without the frameworks built by the digital team, a company may struggle to meet high standards and enforce them. 

They also work hard to keep things running smoothly, since it’s essential for the digital team to collaborate with other departments. We’re talking about real teamwork here. Think of them as your favorite sports team. Marketing draws people in, the tech team has the technology and SCORE -  the digital team has all the data. Each project finished together is like a shiny trophy on the shelf. 

It’s not only just about creating good customer experiences, but they’re also working internally to educate colleagues about the best use of digital tools. This should be a part of the daily workflow. The workflow should be accessible and visible, so everyone is on the same page. This allows collaboration to come easy and feedback to be thoughtful. All things digital should make sense across the entire company. 

The team is there to work in an agile, interactive and data-driven way. Their role is to pay attention and to recreate the physical experience of a store online. Since the digital landscape is flexible, it’s important to be fast enough to adapt. It’s about making decisions based on data while maintaining the highest standards of work possible.


Three major challenges managing web projects and how to tackle them

It’s not easy managing web projects, especially when your team is busy and deadlines are fast approaching. We sat down with Aymeric Aitamer, co-founder and CEO of Artifakt, to help you tackle these very common pain points. 

Stay organised

One of the biggest pain points that Aymeric has seen time and time again is organization. 

If a team isn’t organized there will be chaos. Projects won’t get out, deadlines won’t be met and you’ll find yourself amongst some very unhappy clients. Sometimes it’s a question of the marketing team not communicating with the IT team, or that ideas are not being explained effectively. There needs to be a way to coordinate and a tool to communicate. 


Remember: in terms of strategy, the digital team is the heart of communication. 

In order to balance speed and workflow, all teams should work together. It’s impossible to work together without proper outlets for communication and feedback. 

According to Aymeric, the perfect organization would have strong communication between the digital department, the marketing department, and the IT department. It’s important to understand that although they are individual units in a company, they all must come together to balance speed and workflow.

It’s tough to create a dream team that is organized and good communicators. Set yourself up with a group of all-stars and you’ll have visibility throughout the journey, agility in the process and results where it matters most.

Complete DevOps solution to the rescue

To keep on top of things, the best thing that you can do is have a visual view of everything that you need to do. It’s no longer acceptable for a team to work with a notebook rather than an application. It needs to be on a computer, or inside an app where a team member can access it. Something that organizes your team and sets them up for success. Something that moves as fast as your team does and something visually simple to understand.

A Complete DevOps solution can help with managing web projects through a suite of integrated software tools. You’ll have visibility throughout the process, opportunities for feedback and an understanding of what needs to get done, by whom and when. This clarity is critical to better understanding the interactions within the digital ecosystem. 

With the right tools, it’s easy to have control over your operations, fewer issues with human error and time-saving automation to make everyone’s lives easier. It’s time to start managing your team more effectively.

Wondering if Artifakt is for you? Looking to organize your digital team, collaborate with other departments and have visibility from the beginning to the end of a project? Contact us to learn more. 


Aymeric Aitamer

Aymeric Aitamer

CEO & Co-Founder at Artifakt, Aymeric is ex-CTO of the web agency DND and has 10 years of experience in web development.