AWS re:Invent 2018

Nov 23, 2018

Are you ready for the AWS re:Invent on Nov. 26 – 30, 2018 Las Vegas? It is approaching.

This year, the biggest AWS Cloud event is expecting over 40 000 attendees, offering over 500 sessions and will be spread across 7 properties in Las Vegas.

The conference is now SOLD OUT. Artifakt will attend AWS re:Invent this year and will be represented by our CTO - Nicolas, AWS certified Solutions Architect - Associate. His favorite playground is Serverless, Containers, and DynamoDB (Let’s catch up!). By the way, Artifakt is built on Serverless. Want to know why? Check out our blog post.

There are plenty of reasons to attend AWS re:Invent. These are our...

Top 3 tips to make the most of AWS re:Invent 2018:


Last year transportation between venues to attend mountain of sessions, boot camps, hackathons, gamedays… was definitely a thing. This year AWS has reviewed his copy and leveled up his game:

AWS ReInvent Transportation


Please check the AWS re:Invent page on Transportation for more details:

This year, I’ll divide my days into three parts and stay at the same venue for each part.

My travel time between venues will be dedicated to eat something, schedule meetings or catch up with blogs and last AWS news. A good pair of sneakers is not an option, but an obligation this week ;)

Going to a session is not everything

All the recordings of AWS re:Invent sessions will be available on YouTube in two weeks and all the announcements will be live-tweeted. The real value of the conference is not there!

  • You should prepare your topics and try to connect with AWS experts to discuss them. Give priority to Workshops, Chalk Talks, Builder sessions, Demo… Prepare you list of questions!

  • Try to connect with your pairs. Many re:Invent attendees are also top notch experts and will be glad to share with you their experiences or projects. If you are interested in Containers or Serverless, fill free to say Hello! :)

  • The Expo place ! I can’t think of a better place to discover the very best of AWS’s ecosystem. Plan at least half a day to make the most of the place.

  • Finally stay tuned with the AWS re:Invent app to explore latest updates, AWS announcements, receive breakout content.

The AWS Certification Lounge

If you are AWS certified, stop by the re:Invent Certification Lounge to meet AWS certified engineers, hangout & answer questions. The place is very fun and well designed. You can watch the Main keynote live there.


AWS re:Invent 2018 sessions 

I’ll try to go to these sessions during the week.

  • SRV218 — Applying the Twelve-Factor App Methodology to Serverless Applications : That is the right way to go, in my opinion. I’m very curious to listen to what AWS has to say about it.

  • DEV321 — What’s New with AWS CloudFormation : Serverless Framework is strongly coupled with CloudFormation. Very excited to learn more about this one.

  • CON301 — Mastering Kubernetes on AWS : Snapchat talking about EKS? Can't-miss it.

  • ARC305 — Serverless Architectural Patterns and Best Practices : Serverless is the most dynamic technology at the moment, and staying up to date with best practices is rather tricky.

  • SRV314 — Securing Serverless Applications and AWS Lambda : Need a refresh about AWS security services for a Serverless deployment? Amazon Cognito, AWS WAF, Amazon API Gateway input validation, API Gateway usage plans, AWS Secrets Manager, AWS X-Ray.

Like many others, I’ll try some guessing about AWS announcements. Last year my bet was on Kubernetes as managed services and Go on Lambda. Both topics were addressed last year by AWS.

This year, my wishlist is :

  • DynamoDB more Serverless: DynamoDB is an awesome product and the predictability on performance is why Artifakt loves it so much. This year AWS added auto-scaling. The big next step should be: don’t pay for idle! Like Aurora.

  • EKS Serverless as managed services was very welcomed in my AWS toolbox last year, but 140$ per month for masters node discourage some folks to put every workload on it. At Artifakt we have a very good and inexpensive combo - Lambda / Fargate… Don’t pay for idle, once again! So, my guess is a Kubernetes, upgraded like ECS was enhanced last year, with a Fargate approach.

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See you in Las Vegas!

Nicolas Bonaldi

Nicolas Bonaldi

CTO at Artifakt, Nicolas has 10 years of experience in IT and architecture solutions.