Artifakt website redesign: key success factors

Oct 10, 2018

We made the announcement at the beginning of the summer, and here we are today... Artifakt officialises the redesign of its website to bring you a fluid and personalized experience!

Artifakt is movinto more personalized experience!

Dear users, we want to bring you more comfort in the navigation of our website and offer quality content meeting individual needs of our visitors. Whether you are IT manager, devOps or developer, our desire is to provide you an adapted message within a personalized path. Now you can access all the information you need to regain control of deploying and managing your applications in the Cloud!

Redesigning our website is also an opportunity for us to assert our image, to bring you more transparency, and to transmit our vision, our values and what drives us daily.

Flying Saucer : an American partner specialized in tech startups.

To carry out our project, we chose to partner with the web agency Flying Saucer, based in NYC, and specialized in the design of creative websites of the startups' ecosystem.

flying saucer logo

We devided the redesign process on 3 main steps:

  1. Ideation step: context definition, needs and expectations.
  2. Creation step: user paths definition, webspace, validation of UX wireframes and UI assets.
  3. Development step: writing HTML5, CSS3 and JS code, SEO optimization, marketing automation setup and prod release.

In short, a very rewarding, human and personalized collaboration. Feel free to take a look at their portfolio!

Content and features: an optimal browsing experience.

Let's get down to the facts and discover the main improvements of our new website!

1) Product accessibility: for a better understanding of our added value.

We chose to offer a custom product entry based on two parameters:

Now you can discover the key benefits of all our features and get a quick preview of the corresponding screens within the Artifakt console.

Now you can find out how we meet your needs based on your profile and download dedicated case studies from our happy customers.

Capture d’écran 2018-10-09 à 15.08.59


2) Pricing : to estimate the costs related to your project(s) in a transparent way.

The understanding of our pricing has been a challenge that we wanted to take up in order to allow you selecting THE plan that suits your needs.

You can estimate the costs of your project based on the key features you need, the number of environments you manage, and the level of support your project requires. If you still have any question or would like special services, you can also contact us to get a personalized support.

Capture d’écran 2018-10-09 à 15.09.56


3) Features: to better understand the scope of our tool.

You can now access all the detailed features of the Artifakt console as well as the platforms and Cloud providers available on our store. We also bring you transparency on upcoming features and allow you to contribute to the construction of the tool through our roadmap... Because Artifakt is a nice tool, but it is especially YOUR tool!

Capture d’écran 2018-10-09 à 15.10.54


4) Company : to start a custom and human relationship with you.

Transparency is an essential value for us. So we have redesigned the corporate space to reveal to you all that is behind the Artifakt company. Learn everything about our vision, our teams, our values, our investors, our news and much more. Finally, if you want to join us and work with (very) cool people sharing the same values, feel free to contact us through the dedicated career section... We are hiring!

3) Team


We will be pleased to answer your questions and get your feedback to continue improving our website and your Artifakt experience. Contact us directly via the chat at the bottom of the page... not a bot, we swear ;-)

Now that you have all the elements and ready to start living unique experience with Artifakt to achieve all your business goals, why not request a demo?

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Martin Souriau

Martin Souriau

CMO at Artifakt, Martin has 6 years of experience in brand strategy and digital marketing.