Who is Artifakt Console for?

Jul 26, 2018


RocketArtifakt optimizes the deployment and the management of your apps in the Cloud. Designed for IT managers, devOps and developers, get now an overview of the benefits and key features according to your profile.


Artifakt for IT Managers

You are a CTO, CIO, CEO, CDO, or a manager within an IT team?

Artifakt will help you to:

  • Industrialize application deployments
  • Reduce time to put applications online
  • Control IT and human costs
  • Have a better operational control
  • Develop agility and team collaboration
  • Improve security and visibility
  • Engage new markets for your business

Key features that we have designed for you:

  • Cloud Provider: manage all your Cloud accounts
  • Projects: manage all your projects and deployed apps/environments
  • Team Roles: manage accesses for your teams and/or clients
  • Activities & Analytics: get a complete visibility of all the actions launched within application portfolio
  • Workflow & Requests: industrialize deployments and validate actions




Artifakt for DevOps

You are a DevOps, Ops, architect, Cloud expert or admin sys?

Artifakt will help you to:

  • Package faster your great platforms
  • Become your IT team super hero
  • Automate low added-value tasks
  • Provide more autonomy for your colleagues
  • Have more time to design innovative architectures
  • Share your work with all the company
  • Earn money through the Cloud App Store

Key features that we have designed for you:

  • Cloud Platform Framework: package platforms and automate scripts
  • Private Store: create a private platform catalog for your company
  • Public Store: share or sell your awesome platforms
  • Review & Support: get feedbacks to improve your platforms
  • Knowledge Base: share your skills over a platform in order to be focused on your high added-value tasks



Artifakt for Developers

You are a front/back developer, full stack developer, node.js, php, java, ruby... developer?

Artifakt will help you to:

  • Find the right platform for your code
  • Ease and speed up the way you deploy infrastructures
  • Get visibility on the available dev environments
  • Spend less time on actions thanks to automatization buttons
  • Boost your collaboration with DevOps
  • See your environment behaviour with its new code

Key features that we have designed for you:

  • Deploy & Update in 1 click: work easier and faster with more efficiency
  • Management Interface: get action buttons previously designed by the DevOps
  • Schedule: automate actions according to your needs and planning
  • Monitoring: display the behaviours of your applications and environments
  • Parameter Store: define common setups to all your environments
Martin Souriau

Martin Souriau

CMO at Artifakt, Martin has 6 years of experience in brand strategy and digital marketing.