Terraform will lead you to creating powerful artefacts

Jun 21, 2018


Learn how to create your own artifacts with the help of Terraform.
You can deploy the artifact through our platform or could add it on our Cloud App Store!


Using Terraform to create great and powerful artifacts.

With the DevOps approach and the multi-Cloud interest, we always need to answer many questions: how to deploy any application in any Cloud? What should I use? How can I explain? At Artifakt, we find many answers to these issues through a great tool: Terraform.

Terraform appears as the best way to deploy an architecture in the Cloud. Easy to use, with a syntax that quickly becomes intuitive, the opportunities are unlimited and the design architecture increase tenfold.

With Terraform, Infrastructure as a code allows us to use and package any application in one entity. The architecture is immutable and deployable as you wish with or without parameter. At Artifakt, we use terraform as the main frame to build artifacts.


Learn how to create an artifact from scratch.

Sharing expertise and skills is very important for us. We have prepared a quick onboarding to show how to succeed in the creation of a powerful artifact: GET STARTED

If any help required, feel free to contact us!

Martin Souriau

Martin Souriau

CMO at Artifakt, Martin has 6 years of experience in brand strategy and digital marketing.