Release of an API Documentation

Jun 1, 2018

Welcome to the Artifakt API documentation! It contains detailed information, technical advice,
sample code and much more... we are waiting for your feedback!


Creating the core of our new release : the API

Less than a year after our official launch in June 2017, we decided that it was time to make Artifakt available on a larger scale. Artifakt is already a great SaaS for deploying and managing Apps in the Cloud, but not flexible enough to suit your very specific needs. Back in 2017, mid-summer, we started working on Artifakt new version. Aymeric, our CEO, was recording whatever comes into his head...


So many questions we need to answer: how to design our tool, what technologies to use, how to deliver the best possible performance and security, how to grow our community of users, etc. Once we had a clear vision of where we want Artifakt to be in the near future, we started focusing our efforts on creating and developing the core of our new release: the API.

We use the OpenAPI 3 Specification (OAS), formally known as Swagger specification, which is a standard to describe REST APIs. We also decided to move from traditional to Serverless environment where permanent infrastructure is replaced by servers created on a per-need basis! It allows us to easily decompose our application into different smaller services (micro services architecture), enhancing scalability and providing you with a highly-available platform!

No matter how well crafted and backed an API might be, it needs to be easily understood by the community in order to be used widely and efficiently. Simply said, if you need any help, please check our clear and detailed documentation or feel free to contact us!


Artifakt API Documentation explains core concepts of the API, how we designed it and, most importantly, how you will be able to request it (authentication, schema, etc.).

We will be happy to get your feedback, your opinion really matters!

Martin Souriau

Martin Souriau

CMO at Artifakt, Martin has 6 years of experience in brand strategy and digital marketing.