Welcome to our new CTO

Feb 13, 2018

My background is primarily in infrastructure. I began my career as a Sysadmin at a Parisian hosting company, where I was in charge of deploying datacenters

 and maintaining their operating conditions. Then, as CTO at a web development start-up, my goal was to automate the creation of production environments. I then gained entrepreneurial experience by creating a mobile app for automated app building. Then, I joined a Cloud provider as a Solution Architect, working on the industrialization of this private Cloud provider's delivery methods. I implemented continuous deployment and integration pipelines, and brought new technologies into the workflow, such as Docker. I also co-created the company's strategic plan, in order to train employees on various aspects of technology and keep their skills up-to-date.

After learning organization, management, and automation in a production context, I joined Artifakt to implement the latest market technology!

How did you learn about Artifakt?

While I was still working at the Cloud provider, a client told me about an emerging tool used to deploy and manage applications in the AWS, and which corresponded exactly to the client's needs. So I started to think about how to interface with Artifakt as a service provider. Then I met Artifakt team to learn more about Artifakt. And here I am!

What will you bring to Artifakt?

I'm going to bring organization in terms of automated app production at Artifakt. I plan to implement all the latest production methods currently available. My "evangelist" tendencies when it comes to being serverless will allow us to make our services more widely known, and engage our users.

I'm an AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate, and I'm currently getting ready to pass AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional. I will establish a technology training plan at Artifakt, in order to allow team members to obtain further certifications.

Finally, I will make sure the road map precisely answers the needs of our users.

Can you give us a hint about what is going to happen next?

I can tell you that Artifakt will become a fully serverless, hyper scalable, and hyper resilient application!

Want to meet Nicolas?

Serverlessconf meet-up in Paris on February 14 and 15, 2018!

Aymeric Aitamer

Aymeric Aitamer

CEO & Co-Founder at Artifakt, Aymeric is ex-CTO of the web agency DND and has 10 years of experience in web development.