User story: Pandacraft x Artifakt

Feb 21, 2018
Pandacraft is a French company created in 2013 offering subscriptions for 3 to 12-year- olds. Every month, a new theme helps kids learn, understand and discover the world through a creative/educational kit, a magazine and an application. pandacraft-logo-150x150


Context & Project

Since its creation, Pandacraft has been offering a subscription platform with an AWS-based as-service infrastructure. As it was expanding, Pandracraft decided to outsource management of its infrastructure to a web hosting company. Unfortunately, the latter wasn't able to adapt its practices (lack of speed and expertise with AWS) and its commercial offer, as some migrations lag on RUN.

Pandacraft then decided to resume control, to be autonomous and to facilitate the management of its infrastructure and code using Artifakt.


Thanks to the combination of Artifakt x DevOps x Micro-services Cloud, Pandacraft has been able to construct, deploy and manage a custom and flexible infrastructure with little delay. Accessible through web interface, Artifakt has allowed Pandacraft to automatize several tasks such as:

  • architecture creation,
  • deployment,
  • server set up (configuration),
  • restarting different services, such as the web server and/or the MySQL server.

To sum up, some basic tasks are now performed in a "one click" mode:

  • add an IP authorization on the server
  • add an SFTP user,
  • manage the budget,
  • manage SSL and URL certificates,
  • manage contributors.



With Artifakt, Pandacraft's management effectively coordinates contributors’ input and output and easily handles team members' access to projects.

For example, the company can manage the roles of all its members, separate work environments (partitioning infrastructures and environments according to different needs, e.g. data warehouse, application, etc.), joining hands and rights to respective contributors, (e.g. DevOps, data scientists, etc.). All these players are now performing higher and more autonomous in their tasks and daily developments.

"Artifakt is a luxury. I click - it deploys! I cannot imagine doing without such a tool"

Thomas Sérès, Pandacraft CTO


This is how Pandacraft teams have gained time, quality and agility, and have internalized the management of their projects. By bootstrapping the implementation of its AWS infrastructure, the Pandacraft site is performing higher, faster and more efficiently.

"The respect of the good practices and AWS guidelines now passes through Artifakt without compromising security"

Thomas Sérès, Pandacraft CTO

The Pandacraft website is now constantly evolving and adapting to the business, uses and needs of customers. For example, contributors can quicky duplicate any environment and regionalize all their infrastructures in just a few clicks, without additional configuration and always remaining ISO.

Finally, without forgetting the human side, Artifakt's support is particularly attentive to its users and allows our teams to act quickly and offer fast improvements.

"For us, the human connection is important, and Artifakt's team is very responsive and efficient with each of our queries"

Thomas Sérès, Pandacraft CTO

Key numbers

Reduced Costs

Time Saver


50% less on infrastructure and ¼ the service costs 1 week back-and-forth between outsourcer-client to obtain an SSL certificate. With Artifakt - within one day and free instead of 1 200 EUR A DevOps that does everything with a well-correlated tool for the business and DevOps philosophy 


Aymeric Aitamer

Aymeric Aitamer

CEO & Co-Founder at Artifakt, Aymeric is ex-CTO of the web agency DND and has 10 years of experience in web development.