Artifakt integrates Algolia search solution into its console

Sep 20, 2017

Algolia is a startup that offers a search engine for applications, websites and other services provided by businesses.

 The solution enables improved product searches and is much appreciated for its performance, speed, stability and ease of integration.

When the console was being developed, we felt we needed to incorporate a powerful search tool that would enable access to the multitude of applications, environments and teams created and set up in the tool, and this in an instantaneous manner.  Algolia was the obvious choice. There were no difficulties whatsoever involved in incorporating it into the console, which is itself based on Symfony. Various Algolia modules and many Algolia extensions already exist for different platforms such as Magento, JavaScript, Symfony, etc. Installing it on Artifakt was a very quick and simple process, requiring only a few hours' development time.


Today, on Artifakt, increasing numbers of environments and applications are being deployed in the cloud, a fact that means that more and more searches are being carried out. We plan to extend Algolia's features and functionalities to make it possible to find applications, users, URLs, etc. even more rapidly, with the ultimate aim being to enable global searching across the application's entire range of resources. Algolia is a company Artifakt can easily identify with. It is a French startup offering a powerful technological product, it is also based in the United States, and it is today helping businesses improve their searches. And above and beyond just its origins, the startup's success and the quality of its product inspires us to surpass ourselves and achieve new heights.

Aymeric Aitamer

Aymeric Aitamer

CEO & Co-Founder at Artifakt, Aymeric is ex-CTO of the web agency DND and has 10 years of experience in web development.