Case Study: How migrating to the Amazon Cloud (AWS) with Artifakt allows Lancaster to gain efficiency ?

Jul 19, 2017

Lancaster is a French company with a recognized expertise on the leather goods market.

 The brand has its own physical stores and the 1200 references produced every season are also available in over 1000 French and international sales outlets.



Lancaster has always been an innovation addict. The digital team is constantly looking for solutions or products which will allow it to optimize the business and technical performance of their activity. In particular, it was one of the first companies to fully integrate the Algolia search engine in its E-Commerce website under Magento. In order to meet its international deployment objectives and be in phase with the Cloud Computing trend, it quickly decided to turn to public Cloud and especially the one which is now the most widely used, Amazon Web Services. Getting started with the interface and understanding the multitude of micro-services provided on AWS has made its utilization more complex than expected for the Lancaster teams.

Thanks to the experience it has gained on digital technology and in order to provide a real solution for their needs, Lancaster was one of the first Artifakt Beta testers several months ago.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the worldwide platform leader, which offers a very large number of tools based on the Cloud. The wide-ranging and varied features provided allow individuals and businesses to create flexible, scalable and secure applications. Artifakt is a web-based SaaS interface which allows the creation, deployment and management of optimized architectures & applications in the Cloud in a simple and automated way. Artifakt helps its clients (Brand companies, Web agencies, Hosting companies, etc.) to make the best use of the products and services offered by AWS.For 10 months now, Lancaster has been managing the versions for the production and development of its e-commerce website Magento and its PIM Akeneo from We therefore interviewed Thierry Chang, the Marketing and E-commerce Director and Tony Jean Rose, the IT Director at Lancaster. So, they shared their feedback with us.

The challenge

Choosing to migrate to AWS was a strategic issue for the brand. For its international development, Lancaster wanted to benefit from the size of Amazon's global network. Lancaster's sales have been increasing for several years and require a scalable platform to accompany the company's growth and to absorb numerous peak loads.

"We needed a hosting service which supports a significant increase in traffic generated by our different commercial actions (private sales, seasonal sales, Black Friday...)".

In addition to the global network of regions and the possibility of having scalable environments, AWS offers a multitude of services which allow us to control the server infrastructure and optimize application software performance. Up to now, Lancaster was hosted on "on-premise" servers. Without Artifakt and with the many configuration possibilities offered by AWS, migrating and deploying their application software on the Cloud might have been difficult. Artifakt's ability to create architectures, deploy and manage any type of application software automatically in just a few clicks has been a genuine solution to the issues that Lancaster has encountered up to now. Furthermore, commercial actions are much better managed than before because we no longer need to plan the hoster's intervention before peak periods (example: implementation of boosters). These anticipation procedures made daily management dependent on a third-party partner and was stressful for the teams. Artifakt now allows us to pre-configure their platform so that it is automatically scalable according to the activity peaks.Lancaster first migrated the pre-production version of its e-commerce website Magento and its PIM Akeneo to AWS thanks to Artifakt in order to test the solution and the Amazon server environments. The brand immediately found that the preproduction environment on AWS was particularly powerful and brought a real comfort for the Lancaster teams and the web agency's technical teams. The loading time on the old server was one to two seconds, whereas it is now 300 to 600 milliseconds on the new one. The environments and features provided by Artifakt have enabled to save a significant amount of time in order to conduct their daily actions (example of Artifakt features: addition of new IPs, HTTPS implementation, management of new languages, sub-domains, etc).

Among Amazon's features and thanks to Artifakt platform, Lancaster uses Cloud Front for the CDN, RDS for the database, EFS to store their media, EC2 to run the application code and much more as well. In May 2016 and after several weeks of testing, Lancaster finally migrated its production architecture in only a few hours.

"Apart from basic synchronizations which took a little more time than planned, we did not encounter any problem and the migration was a success".

The assessment

The solution allowed the Lancaster teams to actually gain autonomy on several of their recurring actions. They no longer have to plan hoster interventions on their architectures before commercial actions because all the server environments have been made scalable and automatically upgradeable thanks to Artifakt. International development has also been greatly simplified, particularly on the US and Asian markets by using the deployment in multi-regions of their e-commerce websites. "Not only do we save money, but we also gain efficiency and peace of mind!".In addition to the daily management of the platform by the Lancaster teams and the web agency, the migration of their platform has led to a 30% increase in their traffic and a 60% growth in their turnover. The main financial advantage is the pay-as-you-go system. "If we consume less, we pay less. However, it is normal to pay more when traffic and orders increase!".

Satisfied with Artifakt's many features which have become indispensable for the teams and by the multitude of new micro-services which are constantly being offered by Amazon, Lancaster has committed with the two companies for 3 years.

" has taught us to go up in the Clouds. After 10 months, 2 private sales, 2 seasonal sales, 1 Black Friday and 1 Christmas, we can say that we now peacefully proceed among them! "

Getting started with by the Lancaster teams was simple and fast, thanks to an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard. For now, the Lancaster teams have not used all of Artifakt.'s features, but the tools used for now were able to solve all the daily issues.

"Still in beta, it is clear that the product will evolve significantly, but the flexibility of's teams has enabled all of my recommendations to be added to the new product updates" said Tony Jean Rose.

" in three words? Flexibility, performance and innovation."

- "Have you considered going back to the old solution?"

- Are you kidding?! "

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Aymeric Aitamer

Aymeric Aitamer

CEO & Co-Founder at Artifakt, Aymeric is ex-CTO of the web agency DND and has 10 years of experience in web development.