Artifakt selected for the 2017 Q1 startup accelerator programme "Transformation numérique de l’entreprise"

Apr 19, 2017

Artifakt selected to participate in the "Transformation numérique de l’entreprise" programme by French startup accelerator Scientipôle.

On 7 March, the Artifakt team attended the evening launch event for French startup accelerator Scientipôle's accelerator programme as one of the prize winners in the "Transformation numérique de l’entreprise" category.

Scientipôle operates a startup acceleration programme aimed at businesses that provide innovative solutions, giving them the opportunity to receive support and assistance with the structural, financial, workforce and media related aspects of their business development, and aiding and helping them to achieve their objectives.

Artifakt thus becomes one of 15 new startups accelerated by this new programme dedicated to the digital transformation of businesses.



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Aymeric Aitamer

Aymeric Aitamer

CEO & Co-Founder at Artifakt, Aymeric is ex-CTO of the web agency DND and has 10 years of experience in web development.