Amazon Web Services: News and Strategies

Nov 15, 2016

Since its creation, AWS has had time to build a strong community, always on the lookout for news about solutions developed by Amazon teams. 

In fact, these recent weeks have been very informative, and we are offering you a press review to clarify all of the latest announcements.

The new AWS products

AWS's famous re:Invent conference will take place in late November and will be an opportunity to lift the veil on the 2017 roadmap.  However, AWS is only teasing us with small bits of information before the big show in Las Vegas! Focus on 2 great innovations.

One of the first announcements had to do with the full deployment of the Inspector tool.  As its name suggests, Inspector inspects and analyzes all of your applications deployed on AWS in order to take stock of any vulnerabilities.  After this evaluation, Inspector lists all of the steps to follow to fill these gaps and improve the security of your applications.  Amazon stresses safety, as it is a major issue in the Cloud market.  Indeed, security breaches are usually the biggest hurdle in terms of Cloud adoption for companies.  Inspector thus has a double task: to secure existing networks while reassuring AWS' future customers—who are increasingly numerous.

Amazon has also developed a new application to manage real-time data streams arriving on AWS.  For example, a spike in e-commerce traffic can be analyzed via SQL queries arriving on live data sets, thus allowing for a better comprehension of the uses of users during time T. Once again, this tool is aptly named: it is referred to as "Amazon Kinesis" for the telekinetic powers often used by superheroes to monitor, understand, or read the mind of anyone. In other words, AWS pays tribute to geek culture!

Amazon Web Services sets a course for France!

The other big news is AWS's desire to invest in France! This is really good news. Indeed, AWS has announced the opening of a data center in Paris for 2017.  This confirms Amazon's desire to expand in Europe, and particularly in France.

This investment is a further step to reassure large groups and institutions who find in AWS an IT agility that they had thought lost long ago, all the while facing the problem of data storage outside of French territory.  Amazon took the opportunity to assert its presence in France by communicating with major customers—including the City of Paris and its hundreds of datasets, which represent millions of records and downloads.

All of these announcements bolster the dynamism of AWS and its ecosystem, which is growing at an astonishing pace every year. Toward this goal, come find us at Las Vegas's re:Invent conference, Amazon's annual international event, from November 28th to December 2nd to learn more about Artifakt !

Aymeric Aitamer

Aymeric Aitamer

CEO & Co-Founder at Artifakt, Aymeric is ex-CTO of the web agency DND and has 10 years of experience in web development.