Oct 24, 2016


Today, the future is in the Cloud. Behind this catch-all name is the future of e-commerce and the web in general.  Here’s our take on it:

Cloud-based solutions have now reached maturity. They are capable of handling terabytes of data, deploying servers on demand, and combining all of a company's applications within a single solution: everything is possible thanks to the latest innovations, particularly those from AWS.

CAC 40 enterprises have rediscovered an IT agility which had been lost for many years.  Start-ups may now grow unfettered and e-commerce sites can smoothly handle peaks in traffic as needed.

The only problem is this: managing a deployment or the architecture of a group of applications via the Cloud can become complex very quickly. However, with Artifakt, that problem is solved!

Artifakt is the first platform capable of creating architectures, deploying applications and managing everything on AWS (Amazon Web Services) while taking advantage of all available options and the most appropriate configurations for your applications, all with a few clicks.

For the moment, we're only working with the AWS cloud but we will not stop expanding our services, as we fundamentally believe that the most appropriate solution for each of our clients can be found right within the diversity of Cloud systems.

Because of this, our main goal is to offer hybridized service, with the result that you will soon be able to use your Artifakt account to work with other Cloud platforms!

In short, we're removing the last barrier to Cloud computing: the complexity of the technology. Our mission is to make Cloud usage accessible to everyone, be they an SME, a VSB or even a CAC 40 enterprise. Artifakt is for developers, project managers and marketing directors, and to anyone looking for IT agility without having to spend hundreds of hours in training.


Julien Didier

Julien Didier

President & Co-founder at Artifakt, Julien is General manager of the web agency DND for 14 years.