Deploy a Magento within AWS in only 2h

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Learn how to deploy and manage your Magento within AWS thanks to !
Your working life will certainly change in 3 minutes…

Artifakt & Aquaray shared a Cloud Breakfast in Paris with guests

We organized last wednesday, on the houseboat La Balle au Bond, a cloud conference to teach how to deploy an e-commerce on AWS in only 2h. Our CEO, Aymeric Aitamer, and Jérémy Boyé, Marketing & Sales Director of Aquaray, took the steps of Build, Run & Scale, before demonstrating the platform.


Build, Run & Scale ; 3 steps of the experience to optimize

BUILD : how to speed up the line ?

  • Cloud
  • Infrastructure
  • Deployment

RUN : how to pilot the app ?

  • Platform
  • Management
  • Collaboration

SCALE : how to automate ?

  • Control
  • Duplicate
  • Optimization

DEMO: Deploy a Magento within AWS in only 2h

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Martin Souriau
Martin Souriau