is Aqua Ray partner is pleased to introduce its new service partner : Aqua Ray, an expert in the areas of server hosting, maintenance, and infrastructure design & outsourcing.

Located in Ivry-sur-Seine, France, Aqua Ray was founded by a team of enthusiasts in 2003.

After having worked on a joint project with, Aqua Ray immediately identified an opportunity for them to help with outsourced hosting.

“Artifakt is a turnkey solution that allows us to substantially reduce production time with respect to client projects on AWS. This online service simplifies our outsourcing procedures without sacrificing quality. It helps us manage projects of all sizes, but more specifically those whose scope requires complex AWS infrastructures. Experts in open source project management, Artifakt indentified a number of risks related to CMS configurations, frameworks, and services such as PHP. The way of managing each project is flexible and increases our agility”, explains Jérémy Boye, Sales and Marketing Director at Aqua Ray.

We look forward to leveraging the opportunities this partnership will provide to both companies.

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Camille Benard
Camille Benard